Weaning is essential to meet Child’s nutritional needs

Weaning means giving other foods along with breast feeding after 6 months of age.

Our previous article shows that our babies needs nothing but exclusive breast feeding till 6 months after birth. We already have discussed about disadvantage of artificial feeding too. But today we will see some advantages of extra foods along with breast feeding. These are Weaning or complimentary feeding. We need to provide appropriate food as extra food. I have used the term Appropriate means:

Those are right foods, given at right time in right amount and must be hygienic. We already have learned the importance of mother’s milk. But after a while, mother’s milk must be replaced with other foods. During the period of weaning, baby becomes accustomed to eating family food and usually within 2 years of age, mother’ milk is completely replaced by family meals. Although Some babies suck her mom’s breast even after 2 years.

 What are the importance of complimentary feeding?weaning or complimentary feeding

Mom’s milk is sufficient to meet all nutritional needs up to 6 months. But what about afterward? Baby grows, becomes more active. Only mother’s milk is not sufficient to meet up all necessary nutritional needs. Hence arise the question of extra feeding to ensure optimum growth and development. But weaning should be started only after 6 months of age .

Now we will learn about properties of these foods.  Yes, complimen
tary foods have certain properties.

Any food will be considered as Good Complimentary food if following criteria is met:

  • Foods must be clean, safe to eat, easy to make from family meal.
  • Locally available and cheap.
  • Those foods must have good energy source and body building property. Like smashed potato, rice, ruti, oil, noodles etc foods are good source of energy and fish, meat, eggs and Pulse helps in body building.
  • Fruits, micro-nutrients and vegetables provide health protection.
  • And finally, easy for the baby to consume and liked by your baby.

How frequently will you give extra foods to your baby ?weaning will help your bay| healthnadvices.com

Start weaning 3 times daily till 1 year of age. After 1 year, feed extra food for 5-6 times. Now your baby is almost accustomed to family meal. Replace breast feeding completely by 3rd year.


  • Age 6 moths to 10 months – Feed 3 times along with Breast feeding
  • If age is 10-12 months then feed 5 times.
  • By 3rd year, stop breast feeding and.

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