Insulin Aspart: A rapid acting insulin analog

Insulin Aspart is a recombinant rDNA, rapid acting insulin analog. It is being used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes in adult, adolescents and in children of 2-17 years of age. Unlike natural human insulin it differs from natural human insulin in the substitution of amino acid proline with aspartic acid at position B28.

It reduces the tendency to form hexamers as observed in soluble human insulin. Therefore, insulin aspart is absorbed more rapidly than soluble human insulin from subcutaneous layer. Glucose control capability of insulin aspart and soluble human insulin is not same. While administered in  subcutaneous route Aspart works more rapidly and for short duration . But through IV, the effect of aspart and soluble human insulin is almost same. The time of maximum concentration is half of that for soluble human insulin.

Insulin aspart- healthnadvices.comHow Insulin Aspart works? What is the mode of action of Insulin Aspart?

Blood glucose goes down  because insulin aspart-

  • Facilitates uptake of glucose  following binding of insulin  to receptors present in muscle and fat.
  • Simultaneous inhibition of glucose output from Liver.

Special candidates for Insulin aspart:

It is safe through out the  pregnancy in type 1,  type 2 and gestational diabetes candidates. The insulin requirements usually falls in 1st trimester. And subsequently rises in 2nd and 3rd trimester.  And following delivery insulin requirement returns to per-pregnant state. Aspart is harmless during lactation and makes no harm to baby. However it demands dose adjustment in elderly patients and in case of hepatic and renal failure.

Dosage and duration:

Through subcutaneous route it starts working with in 5-15 minutes. Reach at maximum effect in 1-3 hours and total duration of action is 3-5 hours. Duration of action depends on dose, injection site, blood circulation, level of physical activity  and body temperature. Total dose of insulin aspart is maintained in accordance with need of patients and it is completely individualized. Due to rapid onset of action , aspart can be administered immediately before or after meal. Therefore it is a good choice for elderly or patient of anorexia  and nausea.

Individual insulin requirement is 1-0.5 unit/kg/day. Normally doctors administer this in combination with intermediate or long acting insulin, at least once a day. In basal bolus combination,  50-70% of total requirement is provided by insulin aspart and remainder with intermediate or long acting insulin. For optimal glucose control, blood sugar monitoring is must.

Method of administration:

  • Subcutaneous injection
  • Continued subcutaneous insulin infusion: It is administered in abdominal wall. Rotate injection site. Never apply other insulin component along with aspart in CSII.
  • Intravenous use

Drug interaction:

Pioglitazone in combination with insulin may cause or precipitate cardiac failure. So if any cardiac symptoms, weight gain or edema  develops, stop pioglitazone.

Special precaution for storage:

  • Store in refrigerator (2°C – 8°C )
  • Do not freeze
  • Protect from light and excessive heat.
  • After opening the vial, do not refrigerate and
  • Finally, keep it under 30°C


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